Product QR Codes Lite (gqrcode©) v0.1 for PrestaShop 1.4

QR codes are a popular type of two-dimensional bar codes. They are also known as a hardlink or physical world hyperlinks. QR codes up to 4296 alphanumeric characters of any text.

This text can be anything, for example, URL, contact information, a phone number, even a poem! QR codes can be read by an optical device with the appropriate software.

Such devices range from special QR code reader for mobile phones.


Product QR Codes Lite (gqrcode©) is a module that lets you easily use thought QR code generated bar allows Google API to all your products – QR Code is a product codes link.  Simply QR code size and have your products to your customers scanable phones!






Product QR Code - Backoffice


หากมีข้อสงสัยหรืออยากแบ่งปันความเห็นของท่านหรือร่วมแชร์ความเห็นและความรู้ได้กันได้ในกลุ่ม PrestaShop Thailand ที่ facebook หรือที่ Google+

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