Contact Form Editor (cfeditor©) v0.3 for Prestashop 1.4

In default, PrestaShop offers page contact form with the information in standard form.

But in many cases, the store owner wants to put the contents of some as an opinion or say hello to customers.

In technical need to touch the template file, which complicate the store owner to change it. Forget it, we have the best way to do it.

Cfeditor module will make easy to insert the content or what you want.



Contact Form Editor (cfeditor©) is a module that allows you to easily insert HTML content on your contact page with no change in the contact form template.



– Insert HTML content to contact page

– Display the HTML content on top/bottom of the contact page

– Multi languages translation






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2 Responses to “Contact Form Editor (cfeditor©) v0.3 for Prestashop 1.4”

  1. rohan says:

    thank you. Good idea and this work well. (Presta 1.4)

  2. top ipads says:

    top ipads…

    Keep working ,great job!…

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